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Cemetery of the Holy Sepulchre

Cremation Garden Expansion and Pre-sale

This new area (behind the chapel) will include a columbarium, urn garden and memorial benches

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Plots are available ranging in price from $975 - $1200

If you are considering a burial at St. John the Baptist Cemetery for yourself or your loved ones,
please contact Lynn at (920) 434-2145 ext. 208.

Cemetery address: 1198 Pinecrest Road, Green Bay, WI 54313 

View internments on for our cemetery

Old St. John the Baptist Cemetery

The old "Duck Creek Cemetery" contained about 145 gravesites. Most of the original markers

from this cemetery are missing, damaged, or illegible. Recovered stones were carefully place into

this six sided memorial marker in the center of the current park/cemetery area.

A listing of the recovered stones can be viewed online here. View this cemetery on

Memorial and gardens are located approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile WNW of US41 on the NW corner of Velp Avenue and Riverside Drive in the Township of Howard, Brown County, WI.


History of Duck Creek Cemetery

Still just a stone's throw away from  the west bank of Duck Creek, Howard's Duck Creek Cemetery was established as a burial ground of the Menominee who had a village there. When fur traders and other settlers joined the Menominee in the late 1700s, they too were also buried in the cemetery then in a densely wooded forest. Traditional Menominee coffins were constructed of birchbark or other wood and could even be a hollowed out tree. The coffined, unembalmed body was placed in a shallow grave. To protect against the elements and especially wild animals, three logs were positioned over the grave; two laid on the ground with a third one across them. Stakes were used to hold the logs in place. Some graves were marked by wooden crosses that eventually gave way to the harsh Wisconsin elements.

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