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Hello! My name is Rob Sobieck, and I am the Youth Minister here at St. John the Baptist. I began here in the summer 0f 2019 and have been honored to be able to serve here at this parish since then. I was formerly a Special Education Teacher and felt a strong call to ministry and to work for the Catholic Church after a couple years of teaching in public schools. God always provides a way for us to pursue what He has called us to and I encourage you to ask and seek how He is calling you!

Some of my favorite things are weightlifting, board games, learning more about the Catholic Faith, a good theological and philosophical discussion, a good meat lovers pizza from Gallaghers or a burrito from Taco Bell, and getting together with good friends. We all have gifts, talents, and quirks that God has given us for a purpose and a reason, and I invite you to pray and see how God is calling you to use those gifts, talents and quirks to reach your God given potential and lead others to Christ!


Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions, ideas, or thoughts. I can be reached at or at my office phone (920) 434-2145 Ext. 203.

Keep grabbing hold of your God-given destiny!

YM: Youth Board

Youth Board

What is Youth Board?


The Youth Board is a a board of youth leaders that serve the youth of our parish and contribute to the well being of our parish as a whole and the community at large.


Responsibilities and Expectations 


Youth Board members are expected to attend, at minimum, one meeting a month. (Youth Board meets twice a month). Each Youth Board member is expected to actively participate in youth ministry events for High School and Middle School at SJB, as well as in other ministries and events of the parish. A Youth Board member is expected to attend weekend Mass. Youth Board Members are encouraged to participate in community activities such as volunteer events and other special events.


Planning – suggesting and brainstorming ideas for parish and community activities, planning youth activity nights for High School and Middle School, brainstorm volunteer opportunities for the youth and the parish, and brainstorming and giving input on potential mission trips, summer trips, and other opportunities/retreats.


Implementing- being present at activities and supervising and helping facilitate events.


Leadership – serving as a role model for High School and Middle School youth through example and action. Youth Board Members will take leadership roles at youth events, volunteer events, trips and retreats, and other opportunities.



Meetings and Schedule


Youth Board Meetings will be held twice a month on Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm during the school year (September – May). During the summer months (June – August), meetings will be once a month at the same day and time. Exact dates will be provided on a month to month basis. Meetings will have light refreshments (Muffins, donuts, and snacks). A detailed meeting itinerary will be provided to each youth at the start of the Youth Board meeting.


Appointment to Youth Board


Any youth (grades 9 – 12) may apply to be on Youth Board by submitting an application. After the application is received, meeting with the youth minister will be arranged to discuss the responsibilities of Youth Board. If it is mutually decided Youth Board is a good fit for the applicant and if there are spots available, the applicant will be offered a spot on the Youth Board. Please note there is a limit of 16 youth that may be on Youth Board per year. Please contact the Facilitator of Youth Evangelization, Rob Sobieck, at (920) 434-2145 Ext:203 or by email, with any questions.

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