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Youth Programs


Mission Statement

With compassion and respect for all, we cultivate our youth to be visible signs of the Risen Christ through a Faith Formation Program centered on Creed, Word, Sacrament, Prayer and Christian Life.


  • Provide our students the opportunity to be involved in quality Catholic Education
  • Provide our students opportunities to explore and develop their religious faith
  • Nurture spiritual growth in our students in a positive, prayerful, and sacramental way
  • Enable all our students to accept the responsibility of living and sharing the Gospel teachings
  • Build and grow in a sense of "service or outreach" to our community and the broader community
Coordinator of Grades 1 - 5 Susan Casleton 920-434-2145 ext. 205 [email protected]
First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Susan Casleton 920-434-2145 ext. 205 [email protected]
Coordinator of Youth Ministry Rob Sobieck 920-434-2145 ext. 203 [email protected]
Coordinator of Confirmation Lisa Christiansen  920-434-2145 ext. 214 [email protected]
Coordinators of Grades 6 - 12

Lisa Christiansen
Rob Sobieck

920-434-2145 ext. 214
920-434-214 ext.203
[email protected]
[email protected]
Faith Formation Secretary Jennifer Garcia 920-434-2145 ext. 206 [email protected]
Churchtime Co-Coordinators Cathy Seidl
Susan Casleton
920-434-2145 ext. 205
[email protected]


There is great content on FORMED site for the youth of our parish. Refer to the dropdown under Adult Faith Formation page.  FORMED