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SCRIP Coordinator : Lynn McKean | (920) 434-2145 ext 208

Email/call with questions, ordering help, or for more information!


Now you can buy SCRIP right on your smart phone!

Have access to all of your gift cards when you are right at the store and ready to checkout.

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a real and negotiable gift card from participating merchants - each merchant provides its own gift certificates just like the ones already sold in their stores.

How does SCRIP help the parish?

St. John's is able to purchase the certificates at a discount and we sell them to you at full face value. The difference becomes an ongoing source of income for the parish to maintain our buildings and grounds.


Why should I use SCRIP?

SCRIP costs you nothing extra. Everyone has to eat / put gas in their car / purchase personal care items and clothing. We hope that if you make your purchases at participating businesses, you will use SCRIP to pay for them.

A 50% credit of SCRIP profit toward your tuition or fees will help make St. John's education programs affordable to all that wish to attend.


For more information, questions, or help with ordering -

Contact: Lynn McKean 

(920) 434-2145 ext 208

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