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The Spirituality of Stewardship

Faithful stewardship should hold an important place in the life of every Catholic Christian disciple. We are first a child of God created in His image. He has loved us into life. He wants us to thrive and be happy. He wants us to live as good stewards.  As stewards, we gratefully recognize the gifts God has given and prayerfully and intentionally give a portion of those gifts back to God. Sharing, service and prayer…these are the three footsteps of stewardship.

A steward recognizes that we are not owners of our lives. Everything we have, everything we are is a gift from God. He blesses us abundantly with these gifts but always entrusts them to us for the blessing and benefit of others. Our response to that pours out through our love, deeds of mercy, gratitude, and generosity with an increase to the Lord” (Stewardship; A Disciples Response, USCCB, p.9).

Stewardship is the only way of life for a disciple of Christ. “Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ leads naturally to the practice of stewardship. These linked realities, discipleship and stewardship, then make up the fabric of a Christian life. 

Living a stewardship way of life in 2020, in this year of COVID 19, we are being asked to step out of our comfort zone to follow Jesus as the best steward we can be at this moment in time. Perhaps that will be different than other years. Our life may have changed due to COVID 19, and our ability to give back may or may not have been affected. We ask that you prayerfully consider what you have been given by God, and intentionally fill out the form you will be sent. 

Stewardship Weekend is November 14-15, 2020. Sharing, Service, and Prayer will be combined. You will receive an email with links to the commitment form. You can fill the forms out and submit directly from the website.  


Being a steward permeates in everything we do; in what we say, how we act.  It is infused in our prayer and relationship with Jesus.   

As Bishop Robert Morneau said, “Stewardship is what I do after I say, “I believe”.

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