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Who is St. John the Baptist?

Our patron, Saint John the Baptist, is a model for all of us in the ways of discipleship. From the moment he leapt in St. Elizabeth's womb at the sound of Mary's greeting, to being beheaded at the end of his life for sharing the faith, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and allowed the Spirit to direct all that he did and said. 


The Holy Spirit gave John the courage to live a life contrary to the culture of the time, to share the truth of God's life and love -- even when it was unpopular -- and to give his very life as a witness to the importance of a repentant heart and a desire to be in relationship with our heavenly Father. 


St. John the Baptist witnessed that when filled with the love of God, the Holy Spirit, you cannot help but share that with others. 


We have been created out of love for an intimate relationship with our God, who is love. St. John's whole mission to bring all to Christ arose from that love and exemplifies how Christ calls us all to be. As St. John says, "he [Jesus] must increase, I must decrease." 


Our life is not meant to be our own, but an extension of the love of the Holy Spirit within us. Let us ask for the intercession of our patron to become greater conduits of the Holy Spirit and his love; that our lives may become true witnesses to all the joy and goodness of our God to all those we encounter each day. 


Let us allow the life of St. John the Baptist to give us hope and confidence, that even in the midst of struggle and suffering to share the Good News, the Lord is ever with us, sustaining us with his life and love. 


St. John the Baptist, pray for us! 

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