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Youth Ministry Activity Nights

 Activity Nights are one way for our students (grades 6-8) and (grades 9-12) to get involved and share fellowship with other students their age! Activity Nights happen once a month for Middle School and a couple times a semester for High School and will usually be on a weekday and will run for two hours. Come join us for some fun with a faith twist to each evening! Here are some of the previous activity nights we have had (we will repeat some events again) ​​

Middle School

High School

  • Board Game Night

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos and Divine Mercy

  • Nerf Gun Battles with Battles in the Bible

  • Trampoline Park Night

  • Laser Tag

  • Water Balloon Extravaganza

  • Back to School Kick Off Bonfire

  • Disc Golf with Fr. Jim

  • Golfing with Gratitude (Mini Golf)

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