2597 Glendale Ave. | Green Bay, WI 54313

Parish Team

                                                                        Call us at 920-434-2145
  Fr. James Lucas Pastor, Ext. 211  
  Teresa Schroeder Parish Secretary, Ext. 201

  Sarah Wulf Business Administrator, Ext. 213

  Karen Buchinger Liturgy and Music, Ext. 232
  Susan Casleton Faith Formation Coordinator for Grades 1 - 5 and First Sacraments, Ext. 205 
  Lisa Christiansen Faith Formation Coordinator Gr. 6-12 & High School Confirmation, Ext. 214
  Jennifer Garcia Faith Formation Secretary, Ext. 206
  Ruth Holloway Pastoral Minister, Ext. 209
  Lynn McKean SCRIP and Parish Cemetery, Ext. 208 
  Lisa Piechota Bookkeeper and Parish Records, Ext. 202
  Rob Sobieck Youth Evangelization, Ext. 203
  Deacon Manny Torres Deacon
  Deacon Nick Williams Deacon
  Katie Westhoven Adult Evangelization, RCIA, Marriage and Baptism Preparation, Ext. 204
  Bonnie MacSwain Website and App Developer, Ext. 210