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Our Parish History


  • 1849

    Log church built under direction of Rev. Father Bonduel, near Duck Creek, 3.5 miles northwest of Fort Howard in front of the Howard House. The Indian cemetery next to the church became the parish cemetery. The community's oldest settlers were French Canadian. They were served by a missionary priest, Fr. Turcotte, who became the first resident priest.

  • 1853

    Fr. Turcotte was appointed the parish's first pastor. Early pastors preached in English, French, German and Flemish. Fr. Turcotte was succeeded by Fr. P.C. Menard. After Fr. Menard's resignation, the parish was placed in charge of the Capuchin Fathers from Velp Convent, Holland.  

  • 1860

    Fr. Bonaventure De Goey, O.M. Cap., took over as pastor and was the first postmaster in the settlement.
    Fr. De Goey named the Post Office "Velp" whence comes the name of the thoroughfare "Velp Avenue" in Green Bay. 
    Fr. Mauritius Hens, O.M. Cap. succeeded Fr. De Goey.

  • 1868

          Rev. Elsear de Wilt, a native of Holland, came to Duck Creek when the new Green Bay Diocese was organized by Bishop Melcher.
          He moved to Little Chute the next year; however, priests were assigned to St. John the Baptist on a continuous basis ever since
          that time.

  • 1877

    Fr. Charles Beyerle, the next pastor, erected a large brick veneer church built on present property -- church entrance on west side. The church was located one and a half miles from the flourishing little settlement. The church was considered one of the largest and most beautiful in this section of the country. Fathers Veith, Charles Steil, and P.A. Paradis succeeded each other as pastors for very brief intervals. 

  • 1881

    Rev. Edward F. Van Hootegem, a newly ordained priest, was appointed pastor by Pastor by Bishop Krautbauer.  Fr. Van Hootegem served St. John the Baptist Parish from 1881 - 1892. 

  • 1887

    Three bells for the church were purchased for $252.82. The bells were named St. John the Baptist (weight 770 lb.) Constantine (weight 312 lb.) and Angeline (weight 192 lb.).

  • 1888

    St. Leo's school was built with four rooms. The Sisters of St. Francis of Bay Settlement led the school. An artesian well was drilled providing the church and school property with a complete system of water-works.

  • 1889

    St. Leo's school dedicated, October 1st, 1889

  • 1894

           A rectory was built.

  • 1906

           The Oblate Fathers came to the parish.

  • 1913

           The brick church was torn down and a stone church was built.

  • 1953

            The Parish celebrates its centennial (100 years old). Fr. Hennessey, the pastor, presided at the mass. Bishop Bona and all
             former priests including Frs. Hunold, Donovan, and Leary attended the celebration.  

  • 1956

            Fr. Goetz was appointed pastor. He served the parish for 19 years. 

  • 1957

            There was an addition made to the school building.

  • 1964

            There was another addition made to the school building.

  • 1968 through 1977

            The associate pastors during this time included: Fr. Joseph Knoeber, Fr. Tom Keller, Fr. Richard Dieser, Fr. Tom Meyer, Fr. Michael Bradley,
            Fr. Dale Schlitt, Fr. Dale Hardes, Fr. Wayne Like, Fr. Paul Kabat, Fr. Roger Schwietz, Fr. Ted Cholewinski, Fr. Ed Hiem, Brother Ed Doctor,
            Fr. Jerry McGovern, and Fr. Franz Dyjak.

  • 1976

            Fr. Richard Deiser climbed the church steeple to give it a badly needed coat of paint.

  • 1977

            Fr. Helfrich was transferred to Belleville, Il. Fr. Franz remained as associate pastor and Fr. Jerry Datko was named pastor. Fr. Tom Meyer
            returned to serve as associate pastor and was joined by Br. Michael Somers.

  • 1984

            Frs. John Penzenstadler and David Plier are appointed co-pastors.

  • 1988

            St. John the Baptist School celebrated its centennial. 

  • 1989

            Fr. William Swichtenberg was appointed as co-pastor.

  • 1995

            The new Activity Center, including a gym, library, commons, preschool room and offices was dedicated. Fr. Gregory Smith
            was appointed co-pastor.

  • 2000

           A mortgage burning celebration was held. In five short years the people of St. John's paid off the loan of $1,010,000
           for the Activity Center. What a wonderful achievement!

  • 2003

           St. John the Baptist Parish celebrated its sesquicentennial (150 years).

  • 2005 

           Fr. John Bergstadt was appointed pastor.

  • 2006

           Ground was broken for our new church.  

  • 2007

           Our new church was dedicated on October 7th. Bishop Robert Morneau presided at our liturgy. 

  • 2016

          Fr. Scott Valentine was appointed associate pastor.

  • 2019 

           Fr. Jim Lucas was appointed pastor.