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W H Y  D O  W E  N E E D  T H E  C A M P A I G N ?

As a parish family we want to nurture a greater missionary spirit and make a positive impact in our community. Howard is expected to grow by 50% (approximately 10,000 people) by the year 2040. Currently 40-80 single family homes are being added annually and several apartment projects are well underway. We need St. John’s to grow alongside our community and enable us to be missionary disciples to the people of this growing community.


Y O U  S P O K E , W E  L I S T E N E D:

We personally interviewed 45 parish members and received 543 responses from the e-survey. Here is a summary of what we heard from the majority of the respondents.

   · Spring 2021 is a sensible time to begin the campaign

   · 65% were positive about the Campaign Plan and projects

   · 91% will consider giving a gift to the campaign

   · Transparency is critical in terms of project costs, overall plan, and intended impact

   · Boiler is top priority followed by new commons and school office/classrooms.


P R O J E C T S :  

The priority of these projects has not yet been decided but will be based on feedback from the surveys as well as the practicality of the succession of the projects.