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Study of Scripture/the Bible • Charisms/Gifts • Evangelization • Growing in Holiness

Prayer • Discernment of Spirits/Life Discernment Truth & questions about Catholic faith

Theology of the Body • Catholic Book Study/Discussion • Group community service

IGNITE is the next step after Confirmation that allows you to learn, serve, and live out the mission that God has for you in life!


IGNITE is a small group approach to learning and living your faith with teens your own age! Meet as a group on a schedule that works for you (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) and meet at any location that works for your group.


Let us know what you would like to dive deeper into, and materials will be provided! The purpose is to allow you the flexibility to learn and discover your own God-given gifts/talents.

1) Pick the type of learning group you want to create. 

i.e., Bible study | Book study | Serving others

2) Pick a topic for your study.

i.e.,  Genesis, Gospel of Matthew, etc. | Something

Other than God by J. Fulwiler | Stock the Giving Tree food pantry

3) Find an adult to facilitate your group or consult with Lisa or Rob to find one.


That’s it! You pick a place and time to meet and then schedule some periodic check-in points with the Faith Formation department as you work through your study. Once you complete one study, return to Step 1 and begin again!