On June 4, 2020, we sent out a communication to all parishioners regarding reopening the church for Mass. We used the phrase, “this is only temporary” as we were so hopeful at the time that we would be talking week/months…not a year. But here we are, a year later finally sending out the information about taking steps towards more normalcy. The dispensation that the Bishop instated back in March 2020 is still in effect. The Bishop plans on revisiting the idea of lifting the dispensation in fall of 2021. The obligation to attend Mass is to be taken very seriously because in celebrating the Eucharist we are worshipping God and experiencing God’s love in a uniquely powerful way.


As always, the Green Bay Diocese has given us guidelines to follow to ensure that we are keeping all parishioners safe while we worship as a parish family.  We have done our best to follow the guidelines and stand by our Bishop in his decisions.  As a staff, we have been discussing for months how to slowly make changes and what those change should be. With the recent CDC changes, we have begun having tougher conversations and making plans. We ask for your understanding, patience, and prayer as we work through what this next step will look like. Our decisions are based on bold faith, prudent safety, and compromise to ensure that every parishioner’s comfort level is taken into consideration.


The following are the changes that will be made starting Memorial Day weekend, May 29 & 30.



  • Masks are welcomed but not required.

  • We will continue to have masks available if you forget one.


  • There is no longer a capacity limit on Mass attendance.

  • A & B sections will be removed.  Everyone has been very good at safely distancing themselves with 3ft between families.  We ask that you continue doing so.

  • We will have two sections to accommodate masking preferences. 

    • Masking optional – Please sit in the two sections on the side of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    • Masking essential – Please sit in the two sections on the side of the Divine Mercy.

Hand Sanitizer

  • We ask that you use the hand sanitizer upon entering the church proper.

  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for those who prefer to use it before receiving communion.  Please note that using this is not mandatory to receive.  It is your choice to use it or to bypass it.


  • Children’s collection will be resuming as it was previously for those feeling comfortable participating.

  • We will be adding more Eucharistic ministers to distribute communion to each section simultaneously.

Other Changes

  • The Baptismal font will be filled with holy water once again!


We are so excited to be taking these next steps back to “normalcy” and look forward to when even more can be done. During this transition, we ask that we continue to “Love Thy Neighbor” by being charitable, empathetic, nonjudgmental, and patient with where each of your parish family members are at in this COVID journey. This year has been incredibly difficult on each and every one of us in various ways. Let’s continue to love, pray, and help one another travel this difficult road together. 


Fr. Jim Lucas & St. John’s Office Family