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Hi! I’m Lisa. 

I’m so glad you are visiting this page! The fact that you landed here of all places is a sure-fire sign that we’re going to like each other! I have so many questions for you:  What brings you here?  How can I help you?  What are you looking for?

Whatever your answers, suffice it to say that I am interested in helping you find it, willing to walk with you through it, and should warn you that there’s a good chance I’ll introduce you to a friend or two along the way.  One of my core mottos is that learning our faith is just a whole lot more fun when we do it together!

Whether you landed here because you are new to our parish, newly on fire with your faith, or almost drowning in life and looking for someone to toss you a buoy, I’d love to hear your story and help you find on your faith journey!

I’m a Catholic wife, mother and teacher with a heart for the Lord. 

God calls; we respond.
Jesus invites; we follow.

What is Adult Faith Formation?

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) is the process of ongoing conversion of adult Catholics to develop or deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Faith Formation, the Holy Spirit transforms us in and through our fellowship with God and one another so we can become more like Jesus for others.

What is discipleship?
If faith formation is a process of transformation by the Holy Spirit in us, then ​discipleship is what we do in response to Jesus’ invitation to “follow Me.” By prayerfully and intentionally conforming our lives to look more like His we become the eyes, hands, feet, body and voice of Jesus Christ to the world.

​We encourage you to find ways to hang out with Jesus every day through daily Bible readings, devotions, study, and prayer. Check the resources tab to make it is easier to add a few minutes with God throughout the day!  


"Faith Formation is more than a subject to be taught—it is an invitation to a way of life." - Joe Paprocki